Meet Your Teachers for Living Enchantment

About Damien Rourke

Hi, I’m Damien Rourke.


I was born and raised in the deep south of Louisiana. My family is quite an example of polarized living.


One half of my family are Christian ministers, faith healers & church teachers. 


The other half of my family is made up of witches, rootworkers, divinators & magicians.


I was initiated into the occult when I began puberty and have lived a life of extremes on both sides of light & dark. Though, these days, I am not a fan of the whole ‘light vs dark’ paradigm. I use it here only to communicate an idea.


I started the Arkheina School in order to condense my 30+ years of esoteric learnings, revelations, and understanding into practical training programs for anyone who wants to tap into the magic of their own life’s potential.


The road from there to here has been a long, winding one. There have been many heartbreaks along the way.


Always remember: you have a choice in where you go in life. And you have to start making those choices seriously.


The days ahead are going to be turbulent.


For those of you who are not living your highest calling, your true authentic self being made manifest…your life will just be a repeat of the previous weeks, months, years, and decades.


You are not locked into a single reality, you can and deserve to find the highest path for you.

About Amaya Rourke

Amaya Rourke is a professional animistic astrologer who specializes in traditional and fixed star astrology, as well as a necromantic and celestial folk witch.


She guides people in cultivating a personal and deeply nourishing relationship with the more-than-human world through consultations and classes on astrology, astrological magic, folk magic, and occult herbalism.


When Amaya’s not buried in a pile of books, she’s taking long walks in the forest, playing with her crazy dog, or expressing her heart through artmaking.