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Living Enchantment 'Birds Eye' View

You are the Body that the Magic of the Universe Flows Through

Opening is a recap from the frontpage with a lot of new material below

An open letter from Damien Rourke to those feeling cutoff from Enchantment and Awe


Dear friend in life,


Have you ever wondered why it’s so rare to witness anyone within the occult or esoterica community achieve any notable and lasting success?


Or, let’s set aside the idea of ‘success’ since that is such an iffy word; seeing how our world is practically ruined from commercial greed.


Instead, let’s talk about true fulfillment


Let’s talk about stability of abundant lifestyle


about living a life of purpose and destiny


about enjoying deep, loving & passionate relationships


about deep and meaningful relationships with the seen and unseen worlds.


Are these states of being even possible, today?


Where we find ourselves in a world seemingly gone stark-raving mad?


Does this mean you are stuck to live a sub-par life, forever?


Absolutely not!


Amidst the chaos and the increasingly lunatic behavior of the world, there is hope.


That hope, is Enchantment.


For those of us who want to step free from the whirlpools of fear, anger and uncertainty..


.For those who want to feel in control of their lives; for their lives to actually mean something personally and professionally…


There is more than hope.


There is Enchantment.


For those who want to slid into their beds at night, confident and at peace that the past day has moved them closer to their most cherished goals…


All is found within, Enchantment.


How do we actually step into the flows of Enchantment, while the lives of others and most of society is unraveling around them?


By learning the natural laws governing the universe and how we, as humans, tap into and live authentically within those laws.

How We Lose Our Enchantment

We emerge into this world with a natural and loving connection to creation.


Inside of us sleeps a miraculous potential to live within an incredible flow of life; a river of love and a sense of belonging.


As newborns, we are naturally aware of the numerous unseen denizens of the world around us. We open our eyes and see this beautiful world in all its divine splendor.


We are Enchanted!


Then, something changes.


Somewhere along the way that connection is broken.


Circumstance, people, the sharp teeth of struggle…


Life begins to grind us down.


We lose that sense of Awe and wonder.


Sometimes, it’s a little bit here and there.


More often, through sudden trauma and pain, that connection is severed rather quickly.

This loss is so very tragic because it touches everything in your life.


Losing that beautiful relationship with creation, and being cut off from that sense of Awe is exactly like blood being cut off from a limb.


The limb first grows cold.


Soon, it loses feeling.


Then it dies.


And from there it can infect your entire body.


When a soul is cut off from that flow of life with creation, what happens?


First, we feel cold inside.  Our life takes on a sense of emptiness and loneliness.


From there, we often go emotionally numb. We stop caring. We have no purpose nor the call of destiny burning alive inside.


If not healed, that loss of connection and relationship with creation spreads throughout our entire life.


We dry up and spiritually die.


Though we may still walk, work, raise children, go on vacations, enjoy the holidays…


We are dead walking and we know it.


I am convinced, after 14+ years on a desperate quest to reestablish my own connection with Awe; that all of life mourns every time a child falls from Enchantment.


It’s a loss that our finite minds cannot grasp.


But it doesn’t have to be this way…


There is a way back to Enchantment!


Instead of Patching - Align & Flow

Instead of using magic to patch holes in a life, we empower our students to tap into a state of living enchantment; a life of AWE that is wholly unique to them.

From there, they are able to align with their authentic sense of PURPOSE.

They live at cause with their world.

Then, from a genuine state of congruency, they learn to holistically create, to advance and elevate their lives within an Animistic relationship with creation.

This isn’t a mental thing…

It’s an integrated ‘total being’ living experience.

In Living Enchantment students will learn how to alchemically rebalance and realign whatever incongruity lurks behind many of their problems, to begin with.

Being congruent and aligned with your inner connection with creation will allow enchantment to flow out into your life in a myriad of gorgeous and Awe producing experiences.

When we’re in the right relationship with the complex ecosystem of ourselves, we are fully empowered to be in right and deep relationship with the world around us.

Things just seem to “spontaneously” happen, and every day feels like waking up to a new adventure.

This is a natural state of being magical…

This is a Living Enchantment!

Is Enrolling in ‘Living Enchantment’ Right For You?

We all know that anything ‘New’ can be thrilling and exciting!


And, while thrilling and exciting, some might experience feelings of anxiety about joining us; unsure if ‘Living Enchantment’ is right for them.


Perfectly understandable.


No one likes to experience disappointment.


On top of that, you work hard for your money.


And, I’m sure we are just alike in that we need every dollar, Euro, or Pound that we invest in a class to be well worth it.


So, please allow me to share with you a very broad ‘Birds Eye’ View of the Living Enchantment Class, first.


From this overview, you will know if you might be interested in joining us.


If you like what you hear in the below overview, further down the page is a Deep Dive into the inner layers of the Living Enchantment class, for your contemplation and enjoyment.

The 50 Students who become the official ‘Living Enchantment’ Summer/Fall Class of 2021, will master how to:

Class Starts Sept. 20th, 2021

Alchemically reverse self-sabotage

Turnaround lifelong destructive unconscious patterns that perpetuate ‘groundhog day’ experiences. Described as “No matter what I do I keep getting…(broken relationships, income ceilings, conflict in my life, etc). Large areas of life that seem locked in place, frozen and unable to move forward or develop past where they are now.

True Practical Magic

Today’s True Mystics & Magicians are not found in temples or occult lodges. They are people with jobs, family and everyday problems & responsibilities. The difference is they have learned how to Live in a state of Enchantment. Students will learn how to live a powerful, enchanted life when you are a working professional, parent, or have a million things to do and little spare time.

See Past the Mask of the Physical Realm

Seers, prophets, shamans, spirit-walkers… they all know the '5-Sense' world is a mirror of a deeper, more incredible realm. That beneath the 'physical' lay crossroads, bi-ways and highways where innumerable denizens of those realms move and influence our world. Students learn how to use the 5-Senses as a tuning fork to connect with the more-than-human unseen realms and peoples, but also to develop beyond the 5-Senses to have an experiential relationship and practice of spirit work.

Holistically deepen relationships with the seen & unseen worlds

It’s one thing to logically know you can communicate with the denizens of creation. It’s altogether another when that relationship is vital, alive and ongoing. Learn to speak the hidden language of 'symbol' that underlies creation.

Tap into their own unique sense of destiny

Instead of living your life from ‘I really should do,’ instead live your life from ‘I was born to’. Have a thriving court of more-than-human relationships that help you facilitate and make inroads into the life most aligned to your needs, talents, and desires.

Learn a 'ZERO Occult Tool' approach

Magically weaving authentic new realities while maintaining privacy & discretion (Never fear getting 'caught' or found out). Living Enchantment is not about occult trappings like Athames, chalices, crystals, wands, grimoires. You and your RELATIONSHIP to all of creation becomes your source of magic; not commercial things that a grimoire or guru said that you should use.

How will learning these skills actually ‘Enchant’ Your life?

For the past fourteen years, I’ve sought ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY…




When You’re Living Enchantment, your very being is aligned with the more-than-human peoples of the universe in amazing ways. Things just seem to line up for you. Incredible synchronicity is a way of life and many times doors open where no door would otherwise be possible.


When You’re Living Enchantment, magic flows naturally and powerfully from your living relationship with more-than-human peoples in the universe. Many times just the simple decision to have an experience will start the flow of power toward it.


When You’re Living Enchantment, you experience profound states of AWE resulting from a deep and meaningful relationship with the seen and unseen more-than-human peoples of creation. Every day feels new; like endless worlds have opened to you – because they have!


When You’re Living Enchantment, lifetime wounds and traumas start to heal in amazing new ways. My students report this all the time. When you are congruently aligned, life and power flow through you; physical and emotional wounds can begin to heal themselves. The healed relationship with yourself can create inroads you never imagined.


When You’re Living Enchantment, limitations, and ruts you have been stuck in for years begin to fall away. Being ‘stuck’ in an aspect of life tends to be a consequence of being disconnected and out of alignment. When you’re in congruent alignment then no rut or limitation has the power to hold you.


When You’re Living Enchantment, your heart burns with purpose and you finally step into your highest calling. The relationship you have with the world around you facilitates you to move in the direction of your calling. The future has clarity and that clarity breeds motivation and vision; which protects you from burnout and breakdowns.


This class, Living Enchantment, is about one thing and one thing only…


Teach You How to Live ENCHANTMENT!

Still Need More Info?

The greatest lie ever sold about the way towards enchantment

Since the dawn of their inceptions, Patriarchal rooted systems of religion and magic have had hooks deep in the world psyche; leading us down a terrible path.


For centuries they’ve sold us a vicious and self-destructive web of lies.


Lies that, after spending almost my entire life researching these systems, seem terrifyingly intentional.


Machiavellian on a cosmic level.


Let me share two of the most sinister of these lies:


Lie #1: That you need someone to interact with the more-than human, the Divine, with spirits, with ancestors and with magic – on your behalf.


Lie #2: That you’re incapable of living in a perpetual state of Awe and Divine Union with the seen and unseen more-than-human peoples around you.


These gross manipulations strip the power and sovereignty from any and all who adopt them.


Unnecessary Mediators


These lies forced the need for ‘mediators’ between you and the divine.


Historic examples of mediators are priests, prophets, and kings.


If you want to commune with God you go to your priest…


To hear the word of God you go to your prophet…


To live under the law of God you submit to your ‘holy’ king.


But why?


More Subtle Unnecessary Mediators

Let me present another layer of this ‘mediator’ idea.


How often, especially in 2021, do you hear subtle suggestions like these presented:


If you want to speak with your deceased ancestors, you go to a psychic…


If you want to share in a community of magicians, you get initiated and commit to their priest or priestess…


If you want magical help towards something you want, you go to a demon or archangel…


If you want to wield magical power, you must have a grimoire, magic crystal, or ancient spells with bizarre ingredients…


Again, why?


Let’s Be Clear

Now, let me be clear here – before the hate mail starts.


I am NOT, in any way, suggesting that magical orders, esoteric systems, people with psychic gifts, or ancient schools of magic… are bad things.


That would be an ignorant and simply incorrect thing to suggest.


There are many wonderful opportunities to grow and learn within these systems; okay?


What I AM saying is most people haven’t fully grasped the awesome potential for Deep, Personal and Meaningful relationships DIRECTLY WITH the denizens of the universe (Seen and Unseen realms), that are available to them DIRECTLY.


That is their BIRTHRIGHT!


I AM saying that YOU are capable of incredible acts of creation, art, inspiration, visions, enchantments, experiences, healings, leadership, knowledge… that would simply baffle your logical mind.


But these divine gifts won’t come to you through a book, a priest or crystal.


They are yours WHEN AND ONLY WHEN you are in a state of congruent alignment throughout your Mind, Astral Body (or if you prefer, soul), and Physical body


I learned this in a way that I tend to learn most things…


The hard way.


Let me explain…

The YEar My MAgic FAiled Me

Fourteen years ago, I found myself on my bathroom floor covered in my own shit and vomit, trying desperately to hold on to my life.


My system of magic, used for most of my life, had failed me when I needed it most. What had always worked for me, suddenly stopped working.


My entire life, spirituality, and devotional practices were at the core of my being.


They were the foundation to my life.

It was WITH THOSE VERY PRACTICES that I had built my life in the first place.

And through a series of bizarre events (full story at another time) it all came crashing down in a spectacular way.


The result was my family and I literally lost everything.


In order to even eat we sold every single possession we had down to our shoes.


Everything from our cameras, jewelry, clothing and furniture.


Our house was utterly empty!


We slept on an air mattress that had to be refilled every night because it was riddled with holes patched with duct tape.


We waited daily to see if we would go homeless in a brutal European winter.


We came from poor families so borrowing money to eat with wasn’t an option.


That night, on the bathroom floor, my mind cracked.


I was as open to outside currents of power as I had ever been in my life.


That was when something happened that changed my life.


And that led to the creation of Living Enchantment.

The Glimpse Into the Future

Are you feeling the call?

For whatever reason, that night, I caught a glimpse into the days we find ourselves alive in, now.


I saw that future Mystics and magicians won’t ‘Do’ magic as in days of old.


– Instead –


Through a living animistic relationship with the universe, they will ‘Weave’ magically influenced ‘reality bubbles’.


By tapping into the twin heartbeats of the universe, these mystics and magicians will burn with purpose and insight.


Standing in fated footprints that only their feet will fit.


Their very lives ‘quickened’ by a divine spark as they flow in perpetual Living Enchantment with all of creation.


Obviously, I survived that awful night.


Angry, disgusted and heartbroken, I threw away every occult item I had ever owned.


And, I started over…

My Magical Rebirth:

A 14 Year Journey Into the Unknown

For the next 14 years, I studied magic, sorcery and even mainstream ‘Sciences of Mind’ in over a dozen countries.


Driven by a passion to identify what produced living and lasting results, and what was dead tradition.


One step at a time, one insight at a time, one test after another – I set about creating a way of life that would allow a daily experience of Awe and Enchantment.


At the feet of many wise and incredible teachers I learned, first hand, what Living Enchantment really is.


What mental and emotional blocks damn up the flow of enchantment, making it impossible to live consistently.


What fragments from our relationship with self that causes these blocks in the first place.


What makes enchantment easier and more natural…


What it takes to truly tap into WHY we are each here and WHAT would be our perfect lives to live.


When I walked away from all the systems of magic I had relied on, I felt lost…


I felt scared and intimidated.


And I also feel oddly liberated; freed somehow.


For the first time in a long time, I gave myself permission to do anything I wanted esoterically.


To study anything I wanted.


That freedom brought with it my spiritual rebirth…

After 14 Years I’m Finally Sharing What I’ve Learned About Living Enchantment

And it's all in Our Living Enchantment Class

Living Enchantment Class is the Syncretic Gold of my 14-Year quest to redefine and recreate my approach to magic and enchantment.


To help usher in tomorrow’s mystics and magicians.


If you’ve ever felt like there HAS to be an easier way to walk in an ever-deepening state of love, awe, and enchantment with your worldyou’re right!


Fourteen years ago, the reason my magic suddenly started failing after two decades of success was…


I had become dependent on the tools of magic.


I relied on ‘external’ power.  When really what I needed was to deepen my RELATIONSHIP with the more-than-human people and spirits around me.


Do you see the difference?


When any of us become dependent on the tools, on the grimoires, on the crystals, on the oils, without relationship…we stop growing.


We stay the same inside, and eventually our world outside stagnates, too.


And the day will come when the tools stop working.


And then what?


My vision for the Living Enchantment class is to show others a more holistic and authentic way of being.


To leave the old model of ‘doing magic’ behind.


And instead, teach others to walk in a state of active flow with all of creation.


To live in an ongoing relationship with:

  • Deceased Ancestors
  • Planetary Intelligences
  • Spirits of land and home
  • Deities, entities, and Gods


An Easier Way to Live in Enchanted Flow and Awe!


If for any reason, you need permission to let go of rigid esoteric systems that do nothing but wrack you with guilt for never being able to keep up…you now have that permission


I hereby decree it 🙂

I hope you decide to join us!

Damien & Amaya Rourke

Ready to Enroll in the ‘Living Enchantment’ Summer/Fall Class of 2021?

Class Starts Sept. 20th, 2021

Sneak Peak at just some of what you will learn

"Damien & Amaya's class was essential to helping me understand why so many other books and methods didn't click with me. I now have a deeper understanding of practical magic, and was impressed with the safe, empathetic, and fun atmosphere of the course and the instructors. Not only that, but I had a number of "aha!" moments and breakthroughs that will support my overall life and efforts to improve it. If you're wondering whether to take the course, I highly recommend it."
Whitney Hill
Award-Winning Fantasy Author