Flourishing: Creation Expressing Itself As You

Damien Rourke

Damien Rourke is the founder of Arkheina School of Esoteric Studies. Damien was initiated into the occult at thirteen. He has studied esoterica, magic and sorcery in over a dozen countries;  investing 30+ years putting his knowledge of magical thought to the test in real world settings.

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Every form of life, great or small, comes into this life with its very own unique blueprint for growth.


Its own identity.


An apple seed, when expressed, becomes an apple tree.


A lioness will conceive and birth a lion cub that, if healthy, will expand and become a healthy lion.


When human sperm and egg merge and a safe womb is provided, a human child will come into this world. When through time it is expressed, it will become a fully grown being.


Inside of the seed, the sperm, and the egg, is the genetic blueprint for what it can become.


Each manifestation of life has its very own unique expression, built-in.


An apple seed put into the ground doesn’t need help becoming an apple tree.


All it needs is the right environment and room to expand.


Everything else it needs is inside of the blueprint.


The seed goes into the ground in a contracted state.


The sperm and egg fertilize in a contracted state.


From that contracted state, a beautiful universal life will naturally fuel expansion from seed to tree.


A tree, fully expressed and healthy, is said to be ‘Flourishing’.


From egg to fetus, and then from fetus to child, and eventually, full-grown human.


Someone who is fully expressed and healthy is said to be ‘Flourishing’.


This life flows through a creation that is in a contracted state and, if allowed, will expand it into the highest, most fulfilling version of whatever blueprint is coded.


The reason I say that as a human you have two heartbeats, is your physical heart, through the medium of pumped blood, pushes life into every limb and organ of your body.


The second heartbeat comes from an unseen heart; the heart of creation. The IAM, if you will.


It’s the impetus to thrive, to flourish. It’s what fuels the passion and drive for a higher quality of living.


For a higher expression of your unique gifts and potentials. It’s what drives you towards the greatest ‘flourishing’ version of yourself.


But instead of using liquid blood as the medium, what this second heart uses are currents of desire to spark growth into your spiritual being.


If you have ever felt a rush of excitement or some inspiration or desire well up inside of you; that’s the second heart pumping life into you!


That life ‘blood’ brings with it a call to adventure.


A seductive song on the winds of consciousness enticing you to follow it to a greater expansion of self.


A promise of your life flourishing.


When someone thinks of their natural desires as ‘evil’ or something to be squashed, then life begins to be severed from that person.


Like a limb without blood, a life of contraction and limitation will grow cold inside. Depression, anxiety and even emotional numbness will results.


Learning to accept your desires and then to give those desires a ‘safe place‘ to expand, allowed safe expression,  is a core key to lifelong fulfillment and joy.


It’s also an essential key to living an Enchanted and magical life.


You came into this life seeking the full actualization of every potential inside of you.


You seek, through your own unique flourish, to add value and richness to your life.


As well as the life of others through your unique personality, gifts, energies, and abilities.


To attain a state of being that is profoundly and uniquely yours; while adding to the value of the world.


It is the desire to BE more!


It’s the impetus to improve the quality of whatever aspect of your life you feel a desire to improve. To enrich your life in whatever way you can through your own unique gifts and expressions.


To seek the satisfaction that can only come through an ongoing state of growth and becoming; an ongoing state of expansion.


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Take care!

Peace and Love
Damien Rourke