This Enchanted Group of Eleven Brilliant Minds...

Have assembled for the sole purpose of helping our students flourish in a life of Wonder and Awe!

Diana Rose Harper

Astrologer, tarot reader, writer, educator, and animist living on Tongva land in so-called southern California and serving clients worldwide

Samuel Reynolds

Professional astrologer who serves on the board of directors for the International Academy of Astrology, the International Society for Astrological Research

Jack Grayle

Author of Ixaxaar's The Hekataeon, as well as various articles for Anathema, Aeon Sophia, Hadean, Katabasis, and Sabbatica Press.

Asphodelo Stregganio

(Ash) is a queer ancestral sorcerer who practices ancient magic and divination with an animistic world view. He is also the creator of Ancestral Sorcery, a 13 week class formerly taught through The Blackthorne School.

Pallas Augustine

Pallas K. Augustine is a consulting astrologer, educator, and writer. Their practice is rooted in a relational approach that aims to deeply connect us with our non-human and non-living kin as well as to each other.

Rain Mason

Rain is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in psychoanalytic psychotherapy for treatment-resistant mental illness. While in graduate school at Fordham University, they trained as a Tarot reader and wrote their dissertation on the phenomenology of Tarot divination.

Josh Proto

Since 2014, Joshua Proto (he/him/they/them) has created over 100 astrological talismans according to traditional sources like the Picatrix, 3 Books of Occult Philosophy, and the oral teachings of select Buddhist Tantras.

Reverend Zemaemidjehuty

Zemaemidjehuty (Reverend Zemmi) is an Ancient Egyptian sorcerer and priest of Tehuti, utilizing Egyptian heka practices that include senet stick and ink divination, devotional art, intonations and performance. Reverend Zemmie is the founder of The Church of Flesh and Feather, Tehuti’s modern temple in the American Midwest.

Ivy Bromius

Ivy has a unique skill set that combines 15 years professional project management experience with more than three decades of tarot reading and magical study. The intersection of these skills forms a powerful toolkit that she shares to help others lead amazing and enchanted lives.

Siri Plouff

Siri Vincent Plouff (they/them) is a Nordic witch, rune reader, and tarot reader. They live on occupied Dakota and Anishinaabe land in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are the proprietrix of the Northern Lights Apothecary, as well as a professional rune reader, tarot reader, and witchcraft teacher.

Katy Swallow

Spirit worker, reader, mage and reiki practitioner, who tends to specialize in uncomfortable things. Death, grief, and intergenerational and ancestral trauma are her frequent companions. Her work can be accurately described as “navigating the lines between everything.”