Arkheina School of Esoteric Studies Presents:

Living Enchantment

Taught by Damien Rourke & Amaya Rourke


(with 11 Amazing Special Guests)

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Is there lasting freedom from the controlling influence, emotional manipulation and the soul-sucking grind of a world gone mad?

Stop struggling to fix your life by 'Doing' magic...

Instead 'Enchant Your Life' by connecting to the endless rivers of Useable Power flowing from the Seen and Unseen Worlds

Flourish with an unimageable amount of influence over your personal reality

THE class for those who struggle with feeling lost or aimless in their lives. Those who can't seem to break out of repeating cycles (bad relationships, no relationships, 'barely making it' financial ceilings, stuck areas of life) and those who feel called to a higher order of Being - but can't seem to get there

“I’m crying! I thought I understood myself and my life. But I always wondered why I struggled so hard to get nowhere. Damien, what you showed us last night completely flipped my mind on its head. In a good way! So much suddenly made sense and for the first time in my entire life, I know exactly what I need to do. My divination and magic have already improved 10 fold by what I’ve learned in this class!” – Rosa Garcia (Physical Therapist & Arkheina Student)

An open letter from Damien Rourke to those feeling cutoff from Enchantment and Awe


Dear friend in life,


Have you ever wondered why it’s so rare to witness anyone within the occult or esoterica community achieve any notable and lasting success?


Or, let’s set aside the idea of ‘success’ since that is such an iffy word; seeing how our world is practically ruined from commercial greed.


Instead, let’s talk about true fulfillment


Let’s talk about stability of abundant lifestyle


about living a life of purpose and destiny


about enjoying deep, loving & passionate relationships


about deep and meaningful relationships with the seen and unseen worlds.


Are these states of being even possible, today?


Where we find ourselves in a world seemingly gone stark-raving mad?


Does this mean you are stuck to live a sub-par life, forever?


Absolutely not!


Amidst the chaos and the increasingly lunatic behavior of the world, there is hope.


That hope, is Enchantment.


For those of us who want to step free from the whirlpools of fear, anger and uncertainty..


.For those who want to feel in control of their lives; for their lives to actually mean something personally and professionally…


There is more than hope.


There is Enchantment.


For those who want to slid into their beds at night, confident and at peace that the past day has moved them closer to their most cherished goals…


All is found within, Enchantment.


How do we actually step into the flows of Enchantment, while the lives of others and most of society is unraveling around them?


By learning the natural laws governing the universe and how we, as humans, tap into and live authentically within those laws.

How We Lose Our Enchantment

We emerge into this world with a natural and loving connection to creation.


Inside of us sleeps a miraculous potential to live within an incredible flow of life; a river of love and a sense of belonging.


As newborns, we are naturally aware of the numerous unseen denizens of the world around us. We open our eyes and see this beautiful world in all its divine splendor.


We are Enchanted!


Then, something changes.


Somewhere along the way that connection is broken.


Circumstance, people, the sharp teeth of struggle…


Life begins to grind us down.


We lose that sense of Awe and wonder.


Sometimes, it’s a little bit here and there.


More often, through sudden trauma and pain, that connection is severed rather quickly.

This loss is so very tragic because it touches everything in your life.


Losing that beautiful relationship with creation, and being cut off from that sense of Awe is exactly like blood being cut off from a limb.


The limb first grows cold.


Soon, it loses feeling.


Then it dies.


And from there it can infect your entire body.


When a soul is cut off from that flow of life with creation, what happens?


First, we feel cold inside.  Our life takes on a sense of emptiness and loneliness.


From there, we often go emotionally numb. We stop caring. We have no purpose nor the call of destiny burning alive inside.


If not healed, that loss of connection and relationship with creation spreads throughout our entire life.


We dry up and spiritually die.


Though we may still walk, work, raise children, go on vacations, enjoy the holidays…


We are dead walking and we know it.


I am convinced, after 14+ years on a desperate quest to reestablish my own connection with Awe; that all of life mourns every time a child falls from Enchantment.


It’s a loss that our finite minds cannot grasp.


But it doesn’t have to be this way…


There is a way back to Enchantment!


Living Enchantment, Amaya and my newest class, was 14-years in the making.


It’s a handholding journey back towards reconnecting, realigning, and flourishing in the healing flow of magic that was our birthright.


For when you are connected to Awe and live in that profound sense of flow…


Magic happens all on its own!


Every day can be kissed with wonder and purpose.


This is your way back, to Living Enchantment.


Living Enchantment is the only class, in the world, specifically created for those feeling pulled to a higher purpose; where magic and enchantment aren’t things they ‘Do’ but who they ARE.

It’s for those who long for a deeper relationship with all of creation but don’t feel at home with more ‘traditional’ esoteric practices.



  • You wake up every morning and your heart cries ‘There has to be more than this, for me!’ and you feel lost, without purpose and empty
  • When you look into your future, instead of inspiration and motivation, you feel overwhelmed, fatigue, anxiety and uncertainty
  • You have to hide your esoteric practice from friends or family out of fear of what they will say or do…
  • Your life feels like a poorly decorated prison where you are cursed to repeat the same outcomes over and over again… (same broken relationships, can’t find love, stuck at a certain income level, stuck in the same locale)
  • Every system of magic or spiritual devotion you have tried felt Patriarchal, restrictive, overly aggressive, and not at all satisfactory

then maybe consider taking a few moments to look into this exciting new class.


Living Enchantment, doesn’t have all the answers. It doesn’t solve all the problems of your life.


But it absolutely will transform your life in many wonderful ways.

Damien & Amaya Rourke

"Damien & Amaya's class was essential to helping me understand why so many other books and methods didn't click with me. I now have a deeper understanding of practical magic, and was impressed with the safe, empathetic, and fun atmosphere of the course and the instructors. Not only that, but I had a number of "aha!" moments and breakthroughs that will support my overall life and efforts to improve it. If you're wondering whether to take the course, I highly recommend it."
Whitney Hill
Award-Winning Fantasy Author

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Class Starts September 20th, 2021

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